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7 Taps of Czech Microbrews, Including a Supremely Thirst Quenching Lager

Diego Pivní Bar

Karlín’s Newest Beer Bar with Mexican Flair

Sousedský Pivovar Bašta

The most authentic of Czech neighborhood brewpubs


The Winning Combo of Czech Lager and Hotdogs

Dno Pytle

A Taste of Bavaria adds Appreciated Diversity to the Prague Beer Scene

Vinohradský Pivovar

Vinohrady’s neighborhood brewery gets it right

Krkonošska Hospůdka

Tasting the Best of Krkonoše Mountain Culture in Prague

Illegal Beer Bar

A Prohibition Style Pub with a Fantastic Czech Beer Selection

Maso a Kobliha

The High Art of Butchery and Pub Culture

Beer Geek Bar

Beer Geek's 30 tap adventure into beer nerdom

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