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Vinohradský Pivovar Vinohrady’s neighborhood brewery gets it right

One of Prague's newest additions to the thriving microbrewery scene, Vinohradský Pivovar's revival of a once historic space adds brewing culture to the charming streets of Vinohrady.

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At the heart of much discussion, Vinohradský‘s beer was not well received in its early brewing days. Now, we’re happy to say that their beer has much improved. Both their 11° and 12° lagers are now something that belongs to the legendary tradition of Czech lager.

Up to 5 beers can be on tap. They always serve their best house beers, an 11 and 12° light lager plus their 13°ree; amber lager. The 11 and 12° lagers are enjoyably drinkable and thirst quenching. The 12° lager has a more caramel touch to its malty body, while the 11° is a more fresh, classic light lager. Ales, bocks and other seasonal brews frequent their rapidly changing beer menu. We’ve sampled their ales, and these, like many small breweries here, still could use some work, but we’re hopeful that these brewers will get it right.

Upon entry, a whitewashed vaulted room echoes with guest’s laughter and rowdy pub talk. Rounded tunnel like windows give drinkers a fantastic view into the brewery, with labels explaining exactly what part of the brewery you’re looking at. One floor down, a large room opens up more dining space, complete with another set of taps, sturdy wood tables and chairs plus places for standing guests.

Vinohradský‘s menu of classic Czech cuisine is excellent. Consistently delicious, every dish we’ve tried has been well prepared and is good value for your money. They keep to the basics, offering hearty dishes like deer goulash, a konfit duck leg, and schnitzel, all traditionally done and extremely filling.

Like many newly opened breweries today, Vinohradský Pivovar plays a part in neighborhood history. The roots of this building go back to 1893, and in 1894 the first beer was served. Complete with its own malt house, this also at one time served as an institute for brewers. Between WWII and nationalization, the building fell into disrepair and brewing ceased. In 2000 the block suffered a large scale fire, destroying everything but where the current brewery is housed, in the old fermentation building. Their head brewer, František Richter, is a man well experienced in the Bavarian brewery scene. Richter also brewed at U Bulovky and Jihoměstský breweries.

Service is friendly and quick. Expect a full house on most evenings, so a reservation is a good idea. During the week, they serve a busy lunch crowd. Since a concert venue is directly connected to their basement, you might unexpectedly find yourself experiencing a concert too. Take trams 10 and 16 to Orionka stop, or the metro station Flora is a 5 minute walk.

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Vinohradská 11° 11° Vinohradský Pivovar Lager
Vinohradská 12° 12° Vinohradský Pivovar Lager
Jantarová 13° 13° Vinohradský Pivovar Lager
These are some of the different beers that Vinohradský Pivovar had on tap on our visit.

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