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  Metro: B

Dva Kohouti

Two Rooster Team-Up in Karlin

Andělský Pivovar

A Contemporary Czech Brewpub Done Right

Craft Beer Spot

The New Kid on the Malá Strana Block

Manifesto Market

Prague’s Container Village of Trendy Food and Drink

Kasárna Karlín

Multiple Bars and Enough Events to Keep the Most Social of Butterflies Busy All Summer.


A Multi-tap Pub in Prague’s Barren Smichov District

U Sumavy

The Charm of Retro Czech Style and Timeless Beer

Ale! Bar

A Paradise of Top Fermented Craft Beers in Smíchov

Loď Pivovar

Prague’s Riverbank is Livening Up Downstream

Divoké Matky

A Play Space for Kids with what Parents Need- Únětické Beer on Tap

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