About PragueBeerGarden.com- Prague's Pub & Beer Guide

After exploring the streets of Prague and discovering that more than just your average Czech lager (which is actually quite remarkable!) could be found on tap, the idea for PragueBeerGarden.com came about in a frothy daze of excitement and enthusiasm for Czech Republic’s liquid gold.

In October of 2008, just as microbrewery culture in the Czech Republic was starting to take off, we realized the need thirsty beer lovers had for such a website. In January of 2009, with a bit of hard work and diligence, PragueBeerGarden.com became a reality.

The goal of our site is to point beer fans, whether a local, expat, or tourist, to the best spots to appreciate beer and pub culture in the country that we’ve come to love and appreciate from the bottoms of our mug.

Our goal is to foster the appreciation of beer and beer culture in way that’s for everyone; from an experienced tongue to someone who’s just curious about what all the fuss is about. Everyone deserves a good beer, and the workers behind good beer deserve the attention and business that this enthusiasm and curiosity bring. Pubs are remarkable places, where so many wonderful aspects of life are alive and well, from friendships and conversations to an endless variety of gastronomical experiences. We want to help direct you to the best pubs this country has to offer.

Our articles are written from an unbiased and unsponsored perspective. When it comes to our readers, we are entering into a relationship that’s built on trust. We do not accept gifts, beers, meals, or anything from any of the places we write about. We want to bring readers fair information, that allows each person to make their own judgement if a place is worthy of their time and money. Therefore, just as any guest in a pub, we always pay our own way and do not accept any form of sponsorship.

We’re always looking for tips and welcome any questions or comments. Our site is a living creature and we’re endlessly working on new content, better features, and improving usability.

So, enjoy our site and we hope it brings you many adventures, good conversations, and long evenings enjoying our favorite part of the Czech Republic’s culture, their amazing beer.

Na zdraví,
The PragueBeerGarden.com Team