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Dno Pytle A Taste of Bavaria adds Appreciated Diversity to the Prague Beer Scene

Relocated from their Kateřinská location and newly opened on Vinohradská, Dno Pytle’s 8 taps serve some of the best beer Bavaria and Franconia have to offer, alongside a healthy selection of the Czech Republic’s finest ales and lagers. There’s even an occasional cask conditioned beer, giving beer nerds the chance to try something truly Bavarian.

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On tap, you’ll find a variety of beers from Bavarian local brewers. At the time of our visit, Hummel, a small brewery located not far from Bamberg had an amazing wheat beer and cask conditioned kellerbier. Served properly in a earthenware mug, Hummel’s kellerbier is a real treat for any beer enthusiast; ‘unbunged’, it had a uniquely earthy, extremely malty taste and was characteristically less carbonated than your normal lager. A rare and completely enjoyable find in a Czech pub. 

Representing the Czech Republic, breweries such as Hendrych, Mazák, Permon, and Clock all have their best beers on tap. The selection changes depending on how quickly a keg goes, which judging by the full tables, these kegs have high turnover.

Designed to accompany a good beer, Bavarian sausages are the main stay of Dno Pytle’s simple but tasty menu. We really enjoyed the different sausages, some being much lighter and leaner than a typical Czech klobása. If sausages and Czech beer snacks aren’t to your liking, you can order a pizza from the place next door.

Service is just fine, but most importantly efficient. Mugs are promptly refilled, and the servers are knowledgable about what they’re serving. A reservation especially for larger parties is highly recommended. Two fridges sell bottles of German beers.

When considering our central location in Europe, it’s quite perplexing that more pubs don’t serve what our Bavarian and Franconian neighbors equally love and make well- good beer. Prices are decent. A welcomed addition to Vinohrady’s increasing good pub scene, Dno Pytle is located on Vinohradská right across from Vinohradská Tržnice tram stop.

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Hummel-Bräu 1162 Helles Rauchbier Hummel-Bräu Rauchbier
Hummel-Bräu Cowboy Schwarzbier Hummel-Bräu Lager
Hummel-Bräu Kellerbier Hummel-Bräu Kellerbier
Hummel-Bräu Weißbier Hummel-Bräu Wheat Beer
Clock Trudi Clock Lager
Blahovar US Brown Ale 12° Blahovar Ale
Nomád / Permon Zaříkávač 17° Nomad Ale
These are some of the different beers that Dno Pytle had on tap on our visit.

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