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Café Lajka

Local coffee, great beer and more.

Roesel - Beer & Cake

A cosy pub just off the Charles Bridge

Ale! Bar

A Paradise of Top Fermented Craft Beers in Smíchov


Krymská’s Newcomer with 3 Taps and Art


22 Taps of the Newest Czech Craft Beers

Diego Pivní Bar

Karlín’s Newest Beer Bar with Mexican Flair

Bad Flash Bar

Krymská’s Newest Addition Mixes Multi-tap Pub Culture with Upbeat Nightlife

Dno Pytle

A Taste of Bavaria adds Appreciated Diversity to the Prague Beer Scene

Illegal Beer Bar

A Prohibition Style Pub with a Fantastic Czech Beer Selection

Beer Geek Bar

Beer Geek's 30 tap adventure into beer nerdom

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