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NuBeerBar 22 Taps of the Newest Czech Craft Beers

Choice has successfully become the key element of today’s most popular pubs, with atmosphere a close second. Prague’s multi-tap pubs are upping the atmosphere game, and NuBeerBar throws its hat in the ring with a modern fresh look and 22 taps of Czech craft beer.

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NuBeerBar has 22 taps of drinkable beer. They don’t have the weird brews from Mikkeller or some Dutch sour that’s priced out of most drinker’s pocket, but 22 taps of beer that the average drinker, with say a touch of curiosity, could happily find more than a few pints to their liking. They serve the best of what the Czech Republic has to offer, with the current new microbreweries well represented alongside more established craft breweries such as Beskydský and Matuška. Which also currently means that if you’re a lager drinker, you’ll be hard pressed to find a second or third lager to fill your mug. Their bottled beer selection contains over 100 different beers from all of the world.

The tap system at NuBeerBar is quite unique. Directly in front of your bar stool, a large silver tube houses their 22 taps. As the beer travels from the storeroom to the taps, 4 hoses of ice cold water keep your beer chilled, which is again rare for a Prague pub to have.

Fresh and modern, NuBeerBar has that cosmopolitan fee which invokes the atmosphere of big city pubs, like what you’d find in New York or London. For Prague bars, this is actually a recently novel thing. Thankfully though, the decor doesn’t drift into the mismatched-minimalism that’s become the mundane staple of new cafes and bars.

Currently, Nu Beer Bar has beer snacks, like chips and salsa, nuts, and of course marinated hermelín cheese (nakládaný hermelín). They have plans to expand their kitchen to include the classic beer food, burgers and hot dogs.

During nice weather, they have a pleasant outdoor sidewalk seating area. Service is bilingual, fast, and friendly.

Located on Balbínova in Vinohrady, it’s a short walk from metro stations I.P Pavlova (the C line) and Náměstí Míru (the A line).

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Multi-tap bar/Rotating taps N/A N/A
These are some of the different beers that NuBeerBar had on tap on our visit.

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