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Bad Flash Bar Krymská’s Newest Addition Mixes Multi-tap Pub Culture with Upbeat Nightlife

Bad Flash, a ‘flying’ brewery, operated by the folks behind Zlý Časy, has been working with the best Czech microbreweries, commissioning beers under their Bad Flash label for some time. Now, they’ve opened their own bar, located on top of Krymská Street in Vršovice under the same name Bad Flash.

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A home base for their Bad Flash beers, 12 taps rotate a fine selection of craft beer, brewed by some of the best of Czech microbreweries such as Zhůřák, Beskydský Pivovárek, and Tambor. Also on tap, they serve imports from Schneider Weisse and Brew Dog, for example. Kegs turn over fast, are well cared for, and even though ale is the most dominant style, there’s still a good variety to what they pour. To build some excitement for the next keg, what’s on tap next is listed on the bottom of the beer menu.

As for food, they serve a simple menu of homemade Czech pub treats, like pickled cheese, pâté, and spreads. Service is friendly, fast, and bi-lingual. Upbeat music plays in the background. Fridges are stocked with a wide range of bottled beer, including many craft imports. The customers here range from locals to tourists and expats, and even though the place has a younger vibe, you’ll find drinkers of all ages pulling up a chair and enjoying a good beer. Prices here are in line with other multi-tap pubs serving beers of the same caliber, but you can still find a large lager for 32 czk.

Minimal, modern, and with a rough around the edges look, the unfinished walls and simple wooden furniture give Bad Flash a feel that’s still relatively unique to Prague, and unprecedented for a multi-tap pub with a good beer list.

While other cities have had a plethora of minimal, deconstructed, or even simply run-down bars and cafes, the bars of Prague have in general resisted this trend. We’re not so overly enthusiastic about this style, but, now that style of bar which Prague oddly lacked has finally opened and actually has good beer on tap.

One unique factor, Bad Flash doesn’t take reservations. When compared to many Czech pubs here, this is a bar meant for night life and spontaneous gatherings of friends, not sleepily drowning in endless pints and stumbling home by 9 p.m. Bad Flash is the perfect bar for either starting or ending a night out in what’s starting to become a real neighbourhood for a good night out, Vršovice.

Take tram 22 or 4 to Krymská tramstop and you’ll find Bad Flash Bar just around the corner.

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Multi-tap bar/Rotating taps N/A N/A
These are some of the different beers that Bad Flash Bar had on tap on our visit.

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