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Riegrovy Sady Beer Garden

Prague’s Premier Beer Garden with Zemský On Tap


22 Taps of the Newest Czech Craft Beers

20 PIP Craft Pub

20 Taps of Craft Beer Behind Náměstí Míru

Soma Bar

Cigarettes and a Killer of a Happy Hour Keep Guests Coming

Divoké Matky

A Play Space for Kids with what Parents Need- Únětické Beer on Tap

Vinohradský Burger Bar

6 Taps of Pivovar Uhříněves’s Beer with Burgers in Vinohrady

Diego Pivní Bar

Karlín’s Newest Beer Bar with Mexican Flair

Kavárna Pod Lipami

Cafe Culture with Vinohradský on Tap

Vršovická Zahrada

Vršovice’s Coolest Green Space

Hot Pepper Pub

Serving tank 10° Krušovice to Vršovice Locals

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