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Bullerbyn A Nostalgic Trip to a Magical Childhood….but only better, Herold is on tap!

4 Taps of Herold in the Whimsical and Wonderful World of Vinohrady and Astrid Lindgren

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Bullerbyn’s 4 taps, all of which change with the seasons, pour beer from Pivovar Herold. Their light lagers are crisp and clean and their dark lager is one of the best things about the long dark winters here. Currently they serve a simple menu of seasonal quiches, pâtés, and on the weekends from 11- 14 they have a brunch, focusing on seasonal dishes.

Despite having a unique beer on tap, Bullerbyn actually sees itself as more of a cocktail bar. They have an extensive cocktail menu, and staff that’s well experienced in making all sorts of drinks and pouring a proper pint. The bar is well stocked, including a fine selection of whiskies and Scotch.

One of the Czech Republic’s traditional lager breweries, in our opinion Herold is one of those underrated breweries that have fallen by the wayside because they don’t do trendy top fermented beer styles. But they stick to what they know, and brew traditional Czech lagers which are delicious and good value for your money.

The cafes on Vinohrady’s picturesque streets are as numerous as they are also monotonous; but Bullerbyn has its highly stylized aesthetic down pat and all the cafe essentials in order. Minimally decorated with hand drawings of the mythical and make-believe world of a creative mind, the menu is a school style notebook from decades past, hand-bound on creamy beige pages. This is just one of the many small details that give Bullerbyn a unique sense of style.

Upon entry, Bullerbyn’s long main room has beautiful natural light streaming in from the tree lined street. Gorgeous wallpaper, board games, and even a few kids’ toys make this a space that really is for everyone. In the back, a second room is decked out to be like a garden party, complete with garden lights, chairs and tables, and carpeted fake grass. Named after Astrid Lindgren’s lesser known children’s book series of the same name, Bullerbyn is a cafe reminiscent of schools days past and childhood memories, nostalgic in its decor and atmosphere. The owners were inspired by Astrid Lindgren’s Bullerbyn books, which interestingly were part of a mandatory reading list for Czech kids in basic school. Drawn to the magical but idealized childhood world of Bullerbyn, the founders of Bullerbyn see their cafe as a place that’s open to everyone.

Ironically, there’s actually such a thing as the ‘Bullerby syndrome’ which describes what many people see today when they think of Sweden; an idealistic culture of unspoiled nature, clear lakes, and happy blond people. This more obscure and ironic connection was actually discovered after choosing the name Bullerbyn by the owners.

Located on the corner of Chodská and Moravská in Vinohrady, the closest metro station is Jiřího z Poděbrad (metro line A) and Šumavská is the nearest tram stop, serviced by the 10 and 16.

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Herold Světlé 10° 10° Herold Lager
Herold Světlý Ležák 12° Herold Lager
Herold Tmavé 13° Herold Lager
Herold Světlý Pšeničný Ležák 12° Herold Wheat Beer
These are some of the different beers that Bullerbyn had on tap on our visit.

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