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Galerka 7 Taps of Czech Microbrews, Including a Supremely Thirst Quenching Lager

Czech pubs offer a wide range of drinking environments, some better, and well many worse. We like what we see at Galerka, a small cozy pub with a homey feel, friendly service, and 7 taps of Czech microbrews.

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7 taps serve Galerka’s guests, who are often locals with a craving for a well made Czech lager. 3 fine lagers are always on tap: Biskupský Pivovar’s 10° light lager Vikář and 12° light lager Štěpán, plus Albrecht’s 12° dark lager. The other 4 rotate a seasonal selection, with usually at least one being a top fermented beer.

The highlight of Galerka’s lovely tap list is Biskupský Pivovar’s 12° light lager Štěpán. May we please stress that this is the only pub in Prague with a tap dedicated to this wonderful lager. And it’s fantastic. With that crisp clean spicy bite that only the best of the lagers have, it’s impossible to have just one.

When speaking to the owner, (who was understandably glowing with his enthusiasm for Biskupský Pivovar’s Štěpán), he explained that he was just simply lucky in coming across this small microbrewery. He started to sample microbreweries close to Prague, and Biskupský Pivovar is located in the town of Litoměřice, just north and slightly west of Prague.

In case you’re hungry, Galerka has a small menu of Czech pub grub (think sausages, marinated cheese, pâté, spreads, and smoked meats), perfect to accompany a lovely lager. Service is fast and friendly, and if you’re in doubt as to what to order, ask for a recommendation.

As mentioned, Galerka is more of a lager lover’s bar. They do have ales on tap, but, if you’re into lagers, Galerka is a great find. As beer trends have emphasized top fermented brews and more unique styles, a well made lager is not the easiest thing to find in the Czech micro-brew world. Luckily, we’ve got cozy pubs like Galerka.

Galerka is located in Prague 2 on Bělehradská, just below the metro station I.P Pavlova. The closest tram stop is Pod Karlovem, and the trams that go here change often due to construction. But normally you can take the 6, 11, 17, 18, or 24.

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Biskupský Vikář 10° Biskupský Pivovar Lager
Biskupský Štěpán 12° Biskupský Pivovar Lager
Falkenštejn Světlý Ležák 11° 11° Falkenštejn Lager
Albrecht Imperial IPA 18° Albrecht Ale
These are some of the different beers that Galerka had on tap on our visit.

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