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Pivovarský Dvůr Chýně

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History and Beer

Just outside of Prague to the south-west, is Pivovarsky Dvur Chyne, an excellent brewery and restaurant that will light up every Czech beer fan’s eyes. Brewing some special beer, always unfiltered and unpasteurized with that special, alive taste that only comes from the freshest brewer’s yeast, Pivovarsky Dvur Chyne is well known among beer lovers, Czechs and foreigners alike. In the autumn of 1992, Pivovarsky Dvur Chyne first served their beer, becoming one of the first microbreweries in the Czech Republic. Always having on tap their 10° svetly (light), 12° polotmavy (amber), and 14° cerny (cerny), Pivovarsky Dvur Chyne is also known for brewing some more adventurous beers, like ales and ginger beer. Prague BeerGarden thinks their 10° svetly (light) is one of the best 10° existing today, and their polotmavy (amber) 12° is delicious as well.

Restaurant and Brewery

There are two buildings on the premises; the first, and largest, is their restaurant. With a spacious interior, large wooden tables, stone walls, and a medieval theme, the interior is charming and conducive to beer drinking. Behind the main building, is the ‘Krcma’, which is a small, cozy pub, with only a few tables and a fireplace. Underneath layers of dust, dried hops, and antiques, the Krcma offers visitors a chance to experience old Czech culture, at its finest. If you’re lucky, some local patrons will be playing their accordions, singing old folk songs while enjoying their daily dose of vitamins. Both places serve food; the restaurant has an extensive menu of traditional Czech cuisine, including everything from goulash and svickova to rabbit and roasted pork knee. The Krcma serves simpler cuisine, and snacks to go along with your beer. Prices in the restaurant are a little higher than your normal Czech restaurant. Throughout the year, there are also festivals, serving either a particular food, or celebrating a Czech holiday. While both restaurants serve the 10° light, 12° polotmavy, and 14° tmavy, each restaurant will have an additional beer on tap, and it might be different in both places. Service is friendly and quick, you won’t be left thirsty.

Services and Activities

They also offer accommodation- there are 2 flats which can be rented, in case you drink too much and miss your bus back to Prague. In the summers, there is a large garden, perfect for cyclers (there are bike paths nearby). For children, there is an outdoor playground for nice weather, and in the restaurant, there is a large area full of toys. 

How to get there

Pivovarsky Dvur Chyne is located in the village of Chyne, just outside of Prague close to Zlicin. Getting there can be a bit complicated, and bus routes and times change- so be sure to check for the best way. Buses 347 and 358 are your best bet- but they don’t run often. Bus 347 can also be taken to/from Bila Hora (the end stop of tram 22, within Prague). Get off at the stop ‘Pivovarsky Dvur’, and the brewery is right there. If getting to Chyne is too much of a challenge, we recommend visiting their partner restaurant in Zizkov on Husitska St., also called Pivovarsky Dvur Chyne.

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Dvůr Chýně Dvorní Polotmavý Ležák 12° Chýně Lager
Dvůr Chýně Dvorní Speciál Černé 14° Chýně Lager
Dvůr Chýně Dvorní Výčepní Světlé 10° Chýně Lager
Pivovarský Dvůr Chýně Ale 12° Chýně Ale
These are some of the different beers that Pivovarský Dvůr Chýně had on tap on our visit.

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