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Pivovarský Dvůr

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Pivovarsky Dvur in Zizkov used to serve some great beer from Pivovarsky Dvur Chyne, a fantastic brewery located just outside of Prague in the village of Chyne. Pivovarsky Dvur Chyne is well known for brewing some excellent lagers, as well as delicious and inventive ales. In the past, Pivovarsky Dvur in Zizkov’s beer was fresh and crisp, but on our most recent visit, we could tell that the taps have not been well kept, and this normally delicious lager was flat and stale. This traditional restaurant always has on tap 3 beers, including a light lager (svetly), an amber lager (polotmavy), a dark lager (tmavy), and quite often a special lager, like their 12° ‘Zazvorova’ ginger lager.

We particularly enjoy their 12° amber lager (polotmavy lezak) which has a rich fruity taste. This restaurant located on Husitska St. in Zizkov also serves some great tasting traditional Czech food, such as duck with dumplings and cabbage (Pečená kachna) or goulash. This is a slightly classier restaurant than your average Czech pub, which was frequented by beer fans, and some tourists.

We’ve also been informed that in early spring 2012, this pub should move to the downstairs of the building, and will not be serving Chyne beer anymore, but another local Zizkov beer. We hope their taps are in better shape. If you’re looking to try some beers from Chyne, we recommend visiting their brewery restaurant, where the beer is always fresh, or checking quality pubs like Kulovy Blesk or Zly Casy.

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Dvůr Chýně Dvorní Polotmavý Ležák 12° Chýně Lager
Dvůr Chýně Dvorní Speciál Černé 14° Chýně Lager
Dvůr Chýně Dvorní Výčepní Světlé 10° Chýně Lager
These are some of the different beers that Pivovarský Dvůr had on tap on our visit.

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