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Dvůr Chýně Dvorní Polotmavý Ležák

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Dvůr Chýně Dvorní Polotmavý Ležák (12°/5%) is a unfiltered, unpasteurized lager brewed at Pivovarsky Dvur, in the small village of Chyne, just outside of Prague. With a cloudy, orangish amber color, and thick, creamy head, this lager begins with a strong floral aroma of hops and grass. This is a sweeter beer, with a distinct taste of caramel, hazelnuts, and raspberries, with a mildly bitter finish. Being lightly carbonated, this beer has a smooth, but still heavier texture. What makes this beer special is how earthy and ‘alive’ this beer tastes, a diverse, delicious beer- one of the best amber lagers.

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