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Last edited: 11 May 2013

Zlý Časy

With more than 40 beers on tap, three floors, and an up-beat but still traditional Czech pub atmosphere, Zlý Časy is the perfect place to try some fantastic Czech beer. Serving a large variety, you’ll be able to try everything from classic Czech lagers, (from breweries like Ježek, Zlatá Labuť, and Černá Hora), to dark beers, wheat beers, and the newest Czech beer category- ales. Featuring ales from some of the most innovative breweries like Kocour and Matuška, you’ll be able to sample some well-brewed beers not found in the normal Czech pub. Zlý Časy has a long standing, devout following of beer lovers who are both Czech, tourist, and expat alike. So, we highly recommend calling there before hand and making a reservation, as this pub fills up fast.

Zlý Časy does a busy, traditional Czech style lunch, beginning at 11, and then fills up again as people drift home from their jobs. During the evening, a menu of simple Czech meals such as tartar steak, mini fried chicken breasts, fried Olomouc cheese, and pickled cheese are all available. The food is purely functional- it fills your belly, helps fight a bad hangover, but that is about it.

The downstairs cellar is cozy; with wood panels, bare brick, and lined with beer bottles and dimly lit, the atmosphere is just right for drinking a few good beers with friends. Due to the large amount of happy beer drinkers, sometimes it’s only possible to get service at the bar. But, other than that, service is usually quick and friendly- they won’t leave you sitting with an empty glass.

To meet popular demand, Zlý Časy has expanded, more than doubling their original pub’s capacity. Adding a pub upstairs and a middle floor that even has a few outdoor tables, each floor has different beers on tap. Feel free to get a beer from one floor, if it suits your fancy, and sit at a table on another. The middle floor is more like a winter garden, with large bench style tables constructed from heavy wood. Happily, the entire pub is now smoke free.

Located on Čestmírova (a small street just off the main square), take trams 11 or 18 to Náměstí Bratří Synků, or trams 7 or 24 to Otakarova. If you’d like to take some beers home, they have a decent variety of bottles for sale, and a great beer shop next door. Below, you can see a list of some of the beers on tap in the past.

Beer Menu

Address: Čestmírova 5

Neighborhood: Nusle

City: Prague

Phone: +420 604 241 454


50.06434 14.44205

Prague Pub Map


boiren mathal   27 July 2011 08:10 AM

the wheat made beer in Zly Casy is the awesome one among all the tastes available. it is just superb.

Jon   11 October 2011 03:19 PM

I love Zly Casy ... never a dull moment! They also have a shop next door claiming to sell more than 300 different bottled beers! It has rather odd opening hours though, but then sneaking out of the office early to a little beer shopping never hurt :)

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