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This is an American style IPA, brewed in Varnsdorf by Toshi Ishii, an famous brewer now not only on both sides of the Pacific, but also on both sides of the Atlantic. Samuraj has a cloudy, golden yellow color, and an aroma of citrus fruit and hops. This ale from Kocour brewery has a wholesome, medium body flavored slightly with a hint of fruit, and is well balanced with Pilsner malt, California brewer’s yeast, and American hops, giving it a nice bitter bite at the end.

As for a bit of the story behind Samuraj, Toshi Ishii currently brews for the Yo-Ho brewery in Karuizawa, Nagano Japan. Before this, from 1998-2001, he brewed at the California Stone Brewery, gaining experience with bitter ales.

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