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Café Zenit Krymská's new hangout

Krymská, Prague's most famous street of hip cafes has its newest addition, Zenit. Defining itself as a 'Internet cafe and buffet' in a stylishly post-90's sort of way, Zenit’s open artsy interior feels conducive to late nights and slow mornings.

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Occupying one of their two taps, Svijany 11° is the constant house beer. The other tap seems up for grabs; we’ve sampled an amber lager (polotmavý) from Pivovar Vimperk, but there appears to be some discussion about this.

At first glance, one has the feeling of being in Berlin. The array of noveau tiling set against brick patterned wall paper, and of coarse mismatched chairs (which have become so normal…what cafe has matching chairs anymore?) all equal a rough around the edges, DIY cafe culture that until recently, remained aloof from the streets of Prague. Doubling as an art space, Zenit hosts community events, live music and DJs. The kitchen is simple; an all day breakfast of fried eggs and sausages, plus soups, cakes, and vegetarian lunch fare constitute a homemade menu.

They have a wide menu of drinks, serving various styles of coffee, tea, lemonades, cocktails, and liquors. Service is warm and friendly. The crowd of coarse includes the usual Krymská artsy folk, but with a pleasant mix of older locals.

Check Zenit’s Facebook page for current events (in Czech). Take trams 22 or 4, and you can get off either at Krymská or Ruská.

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Svijanský Máz 11° Svijany Lager
Vimperský Polotmavý Ležák 12° Šumavský Pivovar Lager
These are some of the different beers that Café Zenit had on tap on our visit.

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