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Café Sladkovský

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Combining 3 essentials that make a good cafe, Café Sladkovský has great Czech beer, rich coffee, and good Mediterranean food. On tap, they have one of the best Czech lagers, Únětické Pivo 12°, and also Ježek 11°.

If you’re in need of a coffee, they can make a mean cup. Their menu consists of a wide variety of Mediterranean influenced cuisine, burgers, pasta, as well as vegetarian friendly dishes. Service is friendly, English happily spoken, and the interior more than charming.

Being a popular cafe among the young, alternative, stylish Czech and expat crowd, Sladkovský‘s is often full on a busy evening. They also host film events. Located in a fun, rougher looking around the edges but spirited neighborhood within Vršovice, take trams 22 or 4 to the stop Krymská, and you’ll find Sladkovský‘s on the corner of Sevastopolská and Černomořská Streets.

Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Únětické Pivo 12° 12° Únětický pivovar Lager
Únětické Pivo 10° 10° Únětický pivovar Lager
Ježek 11° Ježek Lager
These are some of the different beers that Café Sladkovský had on tap on our visit.

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