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Vegetarian restaurants in Prague are not known for their beer selection, but Plevel, a newly opened vegetarian and vegan restaurant/cafe finally gives guests a chance to accompany their healthy food with an decent beer choice. Polička 12° and Herold 12° pšeničné (wheat beer) are on tap, and they also serve bottles of Herold světlý ležák (light lager) and polotmavý (amber lager).

Their menu changes daily, serving vegetarian and vegan soups, salads, and main courses at affordable prices, well prepared and using fresh ingredients. The cuisine is prepared in a fresh, homemade fashion, and portions are generous. A nice mix of vegetarian cafe culture meets good beer, Plevel serves fresh juices, homemade lemonades, and coffees as well.

Minimally decorated, Plevel’s simplicity and bare bones wooden decor give it a raw, urban feeling that’s still oddly unique to Prague. The crowd is mostly the younger, middle-aged cafe goers of the gloriously grimy Krymská neighborhood, and Plevel also hosts art exhibitions and vegetarian/vegan meetings.

As Plevel is still working out their menu concerning portion sizes and ingredients, prices on their menu have not yet stabilized, so that is why you might notice a difference from day to day. But in the near future, prices, ingredients, and portion sizes will be consistent, and they have plans to expand their on tap selection and include Polička 11° light lager.

Opening at 9 a.m, and closing at 10 p.m, Plevel is located at the top of Krymská street in Vršovice, close to The Czech Inn. Take tram 22 to Krymská, and Plevel is just a quick walk around the corner.

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Otakar 11° Měšťanský Pivovar v Poličce Lager
Polička Světlý Ležák Kvasnicový 12° Měšťanský Pivovar v Poličce Lager
Herold Světlý Pšeničný Ležák 12° Herold Wheat Beer
These are some of the different beers that Plevel had on tap on our visit.

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