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Vršovická Zahrada Vršovice’s Coolest Green Space

A wooden castle-like tiered ensemble gives visitors 3 floors of unique space to drink, chat, and do a little urban gardening. Fencing off Vršovická Zahrada from Francouzská’s dusty sidewalk, this is one of Prague’s most unique spaces to enjoy a beer.

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An initiative of Start Vršovice, a group that uses public space for art and community projects and events, this is their most permanent and biggest community project yet. Start Vršovice, the lead organizer of the famous Korso Krymská street party, began to turn the vacant lot of Francouzská 84 into a space which served beer, drinks, and sold organic veggies and fruits in the summer of 2015. This year they’ve finished the construction of their garden space; now, their garden is enclosed in an elaborate, beautiful piece of architecture that allows for unique drinking spots, scenic views, and urban gardening.

The menu often features new items, but the emphasis is always on Czech locally produced products. Their taps pour Kácov 11°, a refreshing, light lager, perfect for beating the summer heat. A place with a upbeat vibe for a fun night out, they serve wine, Aperol Spritz, and other cocktails. They also have a milk bar where you can buy dairy products as tvaroh (a soft, fresh cream-like cheese), fresh milk, yogurt, and various other sheep, cow, and goat cheeses. All of the veggies and fruits come from Dobrá Farma, a certified bio farm located just to the north of Prague. On Thursday evenings, they hold outdoor film screenings.

Terraced along their wooden structure, crates of various flowers and vegetables grow, which are all grown by locals who rent space. So if you want to give your green thumb a go and don’t have ideal growing conditions of your own, Vršovická Zahrada has sunshine and space for your own urban gardening adventure.

Vršovická Zahrada is a space for everyone who wants to enjoy a different side of Prague; families with kids, pensioners, as well as locals and tourists alike. During summer nights though this place gets pretty packed with a crowd of more alternative minded youth.

If you’d like to help out a cool community initiative, they’re accepting donations for their project. Or, check out their events and produce, drink a few beers, and enjoy their wonderful space. Vršovická Zahrada is just beside the Krymská tram stop, where the 22, 4, and 135 bus run.

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Hubertus Světlý Ležák 11° 11° Hubertus Lager
These are some of the different beers that Vršovická Zahrada had on tap on our visit.

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