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Vinohradský Burger Bar 6 Taps of Pivovar Uhříněves’s Beer with Burgers in Vinohrady

Shiny and new, with the cozy charm of a neighborhood American Burger bar, Vinohradský Burger Bar serves decent burgers with even better beers from Pivovar Uhříněves on tap.

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A flagship restaurant of Pivovar Uhříněves, Vinohradský Burger Bar has 6 taps of their wonderful beer. Alois 11° light lager (from the tank), Alois 13° amber lager, Alois 14° special lager, 16° Porter, and their Blondie golden ale, plus one rotating tap.

The burger trend in Prague is sadly endless; just when we thought it was over, we always notice another restaurant serving up burgers and fries, and usually with an ordinary beer. Vinohradský Burger Bar caught our attention because of their beer from Pivovar Uhříněves, a newcomer to the Prague microbrewery scene, and a brewery that we’ve enjoyed sampling at beer festivals.

Burgers at Vinohradský Burger Bar are fine. They aren’t among the city’s best, but are far from the lower end of the scale. On the sloppy side, they require a stack of napkins for your sticky fingers. The meat was juicy, had a lovely smokiness, and was cooked to a medium. The toppings were generous and fresh. The fries were crisp and well salted, but nothing remarkable for a fry (the best fries being those of Dish, Bad Jeff’s, and Mozaika, to name a few). Their menu has the standard Americana fair, like onion rings, chicken wings, ribs, hot dogs, plus a few Czech inspired dishes. 

An interesting and perplexing detail that only an astute American tongue could taste after over a decade of overly sweet and cheap ketchup was that their ketchup, which was served in a well-worn Heinz squeezable bottle, was certainly not Heinz

The large silver trays that they serve their burgers on, complete with a mini-fryer basket of fries, seem a bit unnecessarily huge, reminding you of either a lunch tray for a convict or something to feed the hogs. They also make your burger and fries seem much smaller.

On a negative note, the service is abysmal. Beers take far too long arrive at your table, and almost certainly with a scowl or a frown. Servers also expect you to order your drinks and your food at once. The immediate ordering and all the downtrodden grimaces, when combined with the unexpected speed that your food arrives at your table, make it feel that this restaurant’s goal is for you to drink, dine, and leave as quickly as possible.

In our opinion, the reason to visit Vinohradský Burger Bar is not their burgers; they are decent, but nothing remarkable and there are better burgers within walking distance. But the beer is where it’s at. Pivovar Uhříněves brews deliciously fresh lagers, perfect for quenching thirst and complementing any drinker’s mood or meal.  We love the 11° light lager and its crisp finish. Their ‘Blondie’, a golden Belgian style ale is also suburb, again with a dry finish and hint of apricots.

Located right on Vinohradská street, the closest metro is Jiřího z Poděbrad. The closest tram stop is Vinohradská Tržnice, serviced by the 11.

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Uhříněves Alois Světlý Ležák 11° 11° Uhříněves Lager
Uhříněves Alois Světlý Ležák Speciál 13° 14° Uhříněves Lager
Uhříněves Alois Polotmavý Speciál 13° 13° Uhříněves Lager
Uhříněves Pšenice 11° Uhříněves Wheat Beer
Uhříněves Blondie Golden Ale 13° Uhříněves Ale
Uhříněves Porter 16° Uhříněves Porter
These are some of the different beers that Vinohradský Burger Bar had on tap on our visit.

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