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Pivní Bar Blanická 28 6 taps of Czech Microbrew Beer in Vinohrady

Vinohrady’s pubs are serving an ever expanding selection of Czech microbreweries. Pivní Bar Blanická 28 is one of the newest and best priced pubs to be found in this picturesque neighborhood.

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One of the 6 taps is home to Chotěboř 10°, the house lager, and the other 5 serve a rotating selection of Czech microbrew beer. Hendrych, Cornel (from Pivovar Třebíč), and Albrecht always have one beer on tap each, changing from classic lagers to ales and seasonal specialty brews. Raven, a new microbrewery based in Plzeň, or classic Kocour beers also make an appearance. The variety of beer styles has some depth, ranging from a variety of ales to solid lagers and seasonal brews like märzens, giving you a nice lineup for the evening. 

Service is friendly and attentive. The owner is a microbrew enthusiast himself, having visited most of the breweries on his tap list. A devout fan of Albrecht, Hendrych, and Pivovar Třebíč, he’s made sure to include them in his tap list.

The prices here are something to smile about and a very welcome step back from the ever increasing cost of a decent pint in Prague. A large ale costs under 50 czk and lagers are about 30 czk. There’s a small menu of the usual Czech pub snacks, like nakládaný hermelín (Camembert cheese packed in oil), utopenec (a pickled sausage), and zavináč (pickled herring).

The interior of this basement pub is quite spacious, including a shady outdoor garden, a separate smoking room, a foosball table and darts. The range of customers at Pivní Bar Blanická 28 varies from all ages, from business people stopping for a quick pint on their way home to students meeting friends. The home base of Français et Francophones Prague, their French speaking club gathers every Wednesday evening and sponsors exhibitions and French events.

Located on Blanická just off of Vinohradská, the closes metro station is Náměstí Míru and trams 11 or 13 stop at Vinohradská Tržnice, the nearest tram stop.

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Hendrych Pale Lager 11° 11° Hendrych Lager
Cornel IPA 14° 14° Pivovar Třebíč Ale
Kocour Samuraj 14° Kocour Lager
Raven Sky APA 12° Raven Ale
Chotěboř Originál 10° Chotěboř Lager
Chotěboř Polo 11° Chotěboř Lager
These are some of the different beers that Pivní Bar Blanická 28 had on tap on our visit.

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