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A real Czech style pub, Napalmě has what counts- fine fresh, beer, with a selection from the best breweries, changing almost daily. Some of the newest quality brewers to the Czech beer scene can be found here as well, and with a steady supply of Únětické on tap, this Liben pub has a devout following of all ages and nationalities.

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7 beers are on tap here, always Únětické 10° and 12°, and the other 5 rotate, changing when the last drop is gone. The kitchen is simple- typical pub snacks like nakládaný hermelín (pickled camembert), utopenec (pickled sausage), and párky (hot dogs) are served for a good price. Service is kind, knowledgable, and even with a smile. Small and simply decorated, Napalmě wastes no energy on the possible frills a pub might have, but focuses simply on serving fine beer. 

But this is one heck of a smoke den. There is no other way to describe it. Be prepared to hack up half a lung for a good beer. Reservations just might be needed for this little pub, despite the rather raw conditions. They update their Facebook page regularly, so follow them to see what they’ve currently got on tap. Take metro B, or trams 10,16,1, or 25 to Palmovka and Napalmě is on Na Žertvách street.

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Únětické Pivo 10° 10° Únětický pivovar Lager
Únětické Pivo 12° 12° Únětický pivovar Lager
Matuška Apollo Galaxy 13° Matuška Ale
Matuška IPA Raptor 15° Matuška Ale
Kocour Sumeček 11° Kocour Ale
Kocour Samuraj 14° Kocour Lager
These are some of the different beers that Napalmě had on tap on our visit.

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