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Pivovar Marina

One of the newest breweries on the seemingly infinite Prague beer scene, Pivovar Marina offers guest a fresh take on a brewery experience. Located along the Vltava river in Holešovice, Pivovar Marina occupies an old customs house that has been newly renovated and turned into an impressive microbrewery.

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On tap are 4 beers- 10° light lager, 11° wheat lager, 12° lager, and a dark lager, all brewed in house, with the occasional addition of two guest beers. The beers have a consistent bitterness, embodying the classic tastes of a Czech lager, but could still use some work developing a unique taste of their own.   

With a traditional Czech menu of grilled and roasted meats, classic dishes like goulash, svíčková (beef in a cream sauce), and roasted duck, Pivovar Marina’s cuisine is another reason to visit. Well prepared and fairly priced, this is quality cuisine that can please just about any guest. The goulash was notable for the tender meat and velvety sauce, accompanied by fluffy bread dumplings.

Spacious, with a warmly lit, open-lofted and wooden interior, at the heart of Pivovar Marina are their 2 copper mashers. You’ll notice their lagering tanks, located on the ground floor behind the bar. Outside, they have a large charming garden with wooden tables for nice summer days along the banks of the Vltava.

The environment stands out as what defines Marina in comparison to other breweries. This isn’t the sort of pub where eternally tipsy clientele escape the doldrums of everyday life, but rather a classier, nicely polished brewery where a standard of service and quality are guaranteed. Service is quick, attentive, and English easily spoken.

As the expectations of customers reach new levels, and visiting a brewery has become a more dignified evening out, it’ll be interesting to see how Marina develops in the future. To clarify, Pivovar Marina is essentially two restaurants- one a microbrewery, serving Czech food (to the right when you enter) and the other side serving Italian cuisine. Since we’re specifically interested in beer, we stuck to the brewery and Czech fare, which we fully enjoyed.

The closest tram stop to Pivovar Marina is Maniny, and normally trams 1, 12, 24, and 25 run there, but check before you go, as the trams running here have a tendency to change.

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Marina Holešovický Ležák 12° Marina Holešovice Lager
Marina Přístavní Výčepní 10° Marina Holešovice Lager
Marina Pšeničné Pivo 11° Marina Holešovice Wheat Beer
Marina Speciál Tmavé 13° Marina Holešovice Lager
These are some of the different beers that Pivovar Marina had on tap on our visit.

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