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Vinohradský Parlament Staropramen has never tasted so good

Sleek and well polished, this classy mansion of a pub on Náměstí Míru is a good example of the best that a modern Czech pub can offer. Fresh, superbly cold beer, served using hi-tech tap technology and cuisine based on traditional Czech recipes with a modern twist, Vinohradský Parlament livens up the Vinohrady pub scene.

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Staropramen has never tasted so good. They’ve got 2 types of ‘tankové’ beer on tap, their 11° and 10° lager, plus 2 other sorts of Staropramen, 12° unfiltered and dark lager. But their cuisine is where the talent is. Clearly prioritizing quality, Vinohradský Parlament has developed outstanding dishes with a solid Czech foundation. 

The menu is diverse and large enough to have something that anyone would be happy to try, without over extending itself. The starters, like beef cheeks, smoked duck breasts, and fried beef tongue, come in generous portion sizes. For main courses, they serve classics like ‘svíčková’, but with a rabbit leg instead of beef, farm raised chickens, beef with mushrooms, and grilled pork neck, all excellently prepared down to the finest detail.  Keeping in the mind the quality here, the prices are great too.

Service is of course professional, and even friendly- the staff genuinely cares about your dining experience. As mentioned, Parlament is a huge restaurant, with seats for over 300 people. The main room is a spacious lofted space, decorated minimally. There’s a separated smoking pub, and a downstairs that is more of a sports bar. Even considering the size, Parlament is quite a busy place, so consider making reservations.

Located on Náměstí Míru, take metro line A or trams 10, 16, 4, or 22 to Náměstí Míru and Parlament is just behind the church.

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Staropramen Ležák 12° Staropramen Lager
Staropramen Nefiltrovaný 11° 11° Staropramen Lager
Staropramen Světlé 10° 10° Staropramen Lager
Staropramen Světlé 11° 11° Staropramen Lager
Staropramen Tmavé 12° Staropramen Lager
These are some of the different beers that Vinohradský Parlament had on tap on our visit.

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