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U Velblouda

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Located on Haskova street, half way between Strossmayerovo Namesti and Letenske Namesti. This tiny pub serves some fresh, cold, and frothy beer from the Svijany brewery. Upstairs, you’ll find just one cozy room, but venture down stairs, and there are a few more cavern-like rooms. The interior is plain and simply decorated.

This pub is frequented by all sorts of Svijany fans, young and old. Their menu is rather limited, and mostly consists of some Czech fried classic foods and beer snacks. However, service is usually quick and friendly, and the most ingredient for a good pub they have- great beer.

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Svijanský Máz 11° Svijany Lager
Svijanská Kněžna 13° Svijany Lager
These are some of the different beers that U Velblouda had on tap on our visit.

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