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Letná Beer Garden Prague’s Scenic Green Oasis

Drinking beer under a shady grove of chestnut trees with an iconic view of Prague unfurling below should be on everyone’s bucket list.

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Tourist and locals alike flock to the green space of Letná Beer Garden from the first hint of spring, through the dog days of summer, and as long into the chilly days of autumn as possible, enjoying Czech lagers outdoors with a stunning view of Old Town below.

In recent years, Letná Beer Garden has expanded its beer and food offering beyond greasy sausages and Gambrinus. Now, you can choose from Pilsner, Master’s amber lager, Kozel’s dark lager, and the usual Gambrinus, depending on which stand you visit.

By what we’d designate as the main entrance, you’ll find the oldest beer stand, and around the corner of this small stand is the Bistro, where the beer variety and food offering is more diverse. Here you can get Pilsner, Master, Kozel Dark, plus the more ubiquitous Gambrinus. Kingswood Cider is also on tap at the bistro stand, and as well as a selection of wines and soft drinks. As for food, they’ve got a small menu of porchetta, grilled chicken, fried mozzarella, french fries, and a chicken Caesar salad.

Two other beer stands with a more limited offer are located in the garden along the sidewalk. Hundreds of tables and benches spread below the dappled shade of the tall trees over head, as thirsty folk climb up through the semi-wooded paths below.

Letná Beer Garden opens with the first sunny days and hint of warming spring weather, and stays open into the autumn depending on how gently winter comes. Located in the expansive park of Letenské Sady, there’s lots to do and see in its immediate surroundings. If you head east along the ridge that holds the garden above the banks of the Vltava, you’ll find a nice playground and more shaded greenery, ending in the picturesque streets of the Letná district. If you head west, towards the castle, you’ll discover flat shaded pathways perfect for rollerblading and cycling, numerous playgrounds, a not so delectable Staropramen beer stand/restaurant, and the skater’s paradise of the metronome, again with another impressive view. Keep walking west, and you’ll come upon Hanavský Pavilon, an impressive Baroque building that in 1891, was the first cast iron structure built in Prague. If you keep venturing further, you’ll be in the gorgeous gardens of Chotkovy Sady, which are adjacent to Prague Castle.

For the most immediate entrance to Letná Beer Garden, take trams 12, 8, 25, 26, 1, 2, 14 to Letenské náměstí.

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Gambrinus 10° Gambrinus Lager
Pilsner Urquell 12° Pilsner Urquell Lager
Master Polotmavý Ležák 13° Pilsner Urquell Lager
Kozel Tmavý 10° Kozel Lager
These are some of the different beers that Letná Beer Garden had on tap on our visit.

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