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Sluneční Terasa T-Anker Splendid views of historic Prague and Czech microbrewery beer

On top of Kotva, a left behind relic of Prague's Communist past, is Sluneční Terasa T-Anker, a restaurant that has two things anyone who's looking for a good time in Prague should appreciate; the best view of Prague's historic heart with affordable Czech microbrewery beer on tap.

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9 taps rotate a decent selection of beers from breweries such as Permon, Únětický, Purkmistr, Albrecht plus the guest Belgian and German beer. On all of our visits, the beers have been in good shape, and the menu includes a variety of styles, from light and dark lagers to various sorts of ales and wheat beers. Prices are acceptable when considering the view and central location.

The menu at T-Anker offers guests a chance to dine on more than the average Czech pub grub; a variety of hearty salads, grilled meats and fish, and of coarse a burger all add more of an international feel. The food is simply good- it’s not stellar cuisine, or truly remarkable in anyway, but decent, fairly priced, and even includes some healthy options. We’ve noticed the burger has a tendency to be more on the ‘porky’ side and doesn’t always contain the highest quality of meat. Their starter menu could use some more inventive items and is rather small.

One draw back is the service, which even though friendly at times, is rather slow due to the volume of customers. The outside contains about 30 tables, and there’s also a spacious interior. T-Anker is a popular place for locals as well as tourists, so a reservation for busy evening hours is a good idea.

Another negative is the music; T-Anker plays a rather loud selection of 80’s hits, and the Fashion Club, a night club next door, blares loud electronic ‘lounge’ music. It’s rather hard to enjoy your beer or the view with two different sorts of music bombarding your ears. This has not been the case on every visit, but is something to take into account.

We’re sorry we don’t have more photos to show you from the interior. When we requested to take photos, we were only allowed to take photos of the view and specifically instructed to not take photos of the inside.

Located on the top of the shopping center Kotva, T-Anker is centrally located and easily reachable by the B metro line from Náměstí Republiky, or trams 5, 8, 14, or 26. Můstek is also right around the corner.

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
T-Anker 12° 12° Břevnovský Klašter Lager
Purkmistr Tmavý Ležák 12° Purkmistr Lager
Kasteel Rouge Van Honsebrouck Fruit Beer
Cvikov Luž 10° Cvikov Lager
Lužiny LU-Ale 14° Pivovar Lužiny Ale
Chýně Klokan 13° Chýně Ale
Primátor EPA 12° Primátor Ale
Albrecht Mandarina 15° Albrecht Ale
Maisels Weisse 11° Bayreuther Bierbrauerei Wheat Beer
These are some of the different beers that Sluneční Terasa T-Anker had on tap on our visit.

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