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Pražský Most u Valšů

Conveniently located just behind the Charles Bridge, Pražský Most u Valšů is a microbrewery and restaurant serving their own light and dark lagers, plus a ‘řezané pivo’ which is a mix of both lagers.

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The quality of beers here has deteriorated significantly since our first visit year ago. Both light and dark lagers don’t taste fresh, and have watery, baseless bodies offering nothing more than a simple taste of hops and malt. The dark lager seems simply as an artificially sweetened version of the light lager.

Their menu of typical Czech food is also a disappointment. The svíčková and goulash suffer from the same over-cooked, tough beef, and lack of ingenuity with the sauce. Quality ingredients aren’t obviously used in the kitchen, and the recipes need a brush-up. From the large groups of tourists that tramp through the main room, only to be stuffed into the large and eternally empty basement, you get the distinct feel that this is simply a restaurant catering to tourists that will never eat or drink there again. Czechs don’t eat here, and it is evident why. The smallish menu is certainly over-priced when compared to the quality of the food.

On a positive note, the service is friendly. They do advertise a non-smoking section, which is simply a large room with only one huge round table. Another sore spot is the atmosphere- from the gothic iron sculptures, to stone walls, this seems merely like another medieval themed restaurant, with the odd touch of Russian Standard vodka bottles and energy drink posters.

Pražský Most u Valšů is on Betlémská street, close to the Charles Bridge. Take trams 22, 9, 18, or 17 to stop Národní Divadlo, or metro A to Staroměstská.

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Pražský Most Světlé 12° Pražský most u Valšů Lager
Pražský Most Tmavé 13° Pražský most u Valšů Lager
These are some of the different beers that Pražský Most u Valšů had on tap on our visit.

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