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Pivovar Hostivar

From the first sip of a bottle bought at a local beer shop, Pivovar Hostivar struck our taste buds as a must visit. The beer is incredibly fresh, brewed from high quality ingredients and according to Czech traditions. And with a kitchen to match, there is simply no reason why not to venture to Pivovar Hostivar.

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On tap, they have at least 4 beers, brewed within eyesight. Their 11° light lager is impeccable, and the H-Ale packs a nice punch with a lovely grassy aroma. The menu of classic Czech cuisine comes from quality ingredients, is well prepared, and offers enough choice without over extending itself. The goulash was tender, the dumplings fresh, and their schnitzel was juicy and crisp.

The interior of Hostivar is something unique. Completely new, modern, and even a bit flashy, the windowed main room is simply furnished with an industrial edge. Outside there is a huge terrace and garden with play ground equipment and tables for enjoying the sun. More contemporary than your average pub, Hostivar is a new pub environment for guests to enjoy.

Service seemed to vary, from extremely smiley and friendly, to contemptuous glares, sighs, and well timed negligence. Even so, a visit to Pivovar Hostivar is still a more than worthwhile experience. Located on the eastern edge of Prague, there are a few ways to get to Pivovar Hostivar. The easiest is to take tram 22 or 26 to Nádraží Hostivař, and the bus 125, 175, and 183 to Řepčická, and you’ll see Pivovar Hostivar directly in front of you.

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Hostivar H-Ale 15° Hostivar Ale
Hostivar Polotmavá Dvanáctka 12° Hostivar Lager
Hostivar Světlá Jedenáctka 11° Hostivar Lager
Hostivar Světlá Třináctka 13° Hostivar Pale Lager
These are some of the different beers that Pivovar Hostivar had on tap on our visit.

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