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Pivovar Antoš

If you're in the right place at the right time, one of Prague's best multi- tap pubs might just have a beer on tap from Pivovar Antoš. That's how we first had the pleasure of trying these lovely beers, and what made us venture to Slaný, 60 km. north-west of Prague, to visit Pivovar Antoš.

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As their reputation for a fine kitchen preceded them, our expectations of a good Czech meal accompanied by excellent beer were more the exceeded.

Located right in the center of the quiet town of Slaný, Pivovar Antoš is a bustling brewery and restaurant, full of hungry and thirsty visitors of all ages. With one foot in the door, the smell of fresh hops and beer brewing quickly fills your nose. Brewed right in house, you can see the copper kettles and brewers at work. On tap, there’s a stunning variety to choose from- 6 taps of freshly brewed and well crafted beer: Antošův ležák 12° (light lager), Polotmavá 13° (amber lager), Černé Poupě 12° (dark lager), Sv. Gothard 13° (a Märzen), Slánská Pšenka 13° (a Bavarian style wheat beer), and Tlustý netopýr (žitná IPA), an excellent IPA. It’s not only hard to choose, but hard to stop, especially when considering the bargain price of each beer. They also rotate taps and include specially brewed beers.

Every good brewery should have a fine kitchen to compliment their beer, and the cuisine at Antoš is commendable for its traditional heart, belief in quality ingredients, with an added gourmet flair. The menu includes Czech classics like svičková, plus daily and seasonal specials. Of particular note is their ‘uleželý tvarůžkový salát’, olomoucké cheese, nicely fermented in oil with fresh onions, and served with a half loaf of warm, toasted rye bread. The ribs were extremely meaty, tender, and came with a nicely complimentary sweet mustard seed sauce.

With 3 floors, Pivovar Antoš is a lively brewery that still somehow, despite plenty of seats, always seems to be full. Reservations are a good idea, especially if Pivovar Antoš is your main goal. 

There isn’t much in Slaný, but Pivovar Antoš is really all you need. The area is filled with cycling paths and forests, so a nature plus beer day trip is easily possible. Buses depart from Dejvicka daily, and there are trains which run from Masarykovo nádraží.

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Antošův Ležák 12° 12° Pivovar Antoš Lager
Antoš Polotmavá 13° 13° Pivovar Antoš Lager
Antoš Černé Poupě 12° Pivovar Antoš Lager
Antoš Svatý Gothard 13° Pivovar Antoš Lager
Antoš Tlustý Netopýr 17° Pivovar Antoš Ale
Antoš Zlatý Kozák 15° Pivovar Antoš Lager
These are some of the different beers that Pivovar Antoš had on tap on our visit.

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