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This golden bottom fermented lager from Antos Brewery, begins with a faint, sweet aroma of hops. The foam is thick, and nicely clings to your glass. This lightly orange colored beer looks creamy, cloudy, and thick; it’s obviously unfiltered and full of much loved Czech vitamins.

Beginning with a refreshingly sweet, light taste, a stronger taste of fermented fruit creeps in, and ends with the pleasant bitterness of Saaz hops. This is a dryer lager, with an extreme amount of depth. Antos’s Kozak moves around your moth easily, rich but not overwhelming. For a 15° and 6.5% beer, the texture of Kozak is surprisingly silky.

Antos brewery is located just north-west of Prague, in the small town of Slany. You can try their beers at the better pubs in Prague, such as Zly Casy, Pivovarsky Klub, and Kulovy Blesk.

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