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Pivo a Párek Pub

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Finally, some ingenious Czech decided to combine two traditional, adored, and affordable elements of Czech culture- Pivo and Parek (or in English, ‘Beer and Hotdogs’), and centered their pub around just that. This simple, homey pub offers one of the best combinations for those craving simplicity with a Czech flare. Besides, who is too cool for a hotdog?

With a changing offer of about 5 beers from breweries like Rohozec, Žatec, Holba, Bakalář, and Litovel, visitors have a chance to try a few different beers while enjoying a fine hot dog and other Czech pub grub, like nakládaný hermelín, smoked klobasa, and utopenec.

Immediately upon entering, you’ll set foot in the main room, which serves as a fast-food lunch style tap room and beer shop. They sell bottled beer from mostly the same breweries as on tap. Further in, they have a few tables and a pleasant outdoor garden.

Prices are fair and the atmosphere fun. Service is friendly, but as they get quite busy, and distracted by their own product, their service also has a tendency to be slow. The decor is new, down to earth, and pleasant. Open everyday from 2-10. Located on Korunní street in Vinohrady, take trams 10 or 16 to Perunova.

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Rohozec Skalák Řezaný Ležák 11° Rohozec Lager
Holba Šerák 11° 11° Holba Lager
Holba Šerák 14° 14° Holba Lager
Žatec Premium 11° Žatec Lager
Žatec Baronka 12° Žatec Lager
Litovel Dark 10° Litovel Lager
These are some of the different beers that Pivo a Párek Pub had on tap on our visit.

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