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Peter’s Burger Pub

The classic combination of burgers and beer is reaching new levels in Prague as more burger joints realize that customers expect something more than the average lager to wash their beef down with.

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True to a good American burger joint, Peter’s Burger Pub serves a fine burger alongside a glass of Kocour, one of the Czech breweries specializing in American style beers.

Peter’s Burger Pub has at least two Kocour beers on tap, their 12° light lager and the second tap changes. The burgers are good, toppings unique, and generously piled onto a nice, lightly toasted bun. In line with American style pubs, the smaller menu includes chicken wings with 5 different sauces, steaks, beer snacks, and a variety of salads. For the extra hungry, they have a double burger ‘Sniper’ and for non-meat eaters a veggie burger as well.

On the negative side, we found that the staff seemed careless, and not very genuinely interested in making guests have a great experience. Some of the toppings could use improvement and they could include more accurate descriptions on their menu.

Charmingly decorated, Peter’s Burger Pub is a combination of 1970’s vintage Czech meets the American pub, with miss-matched chairs, tables, and sugar bowls, all giving it a finely tuned kitschy atmosphere. Silverware comes in decorative cigar boxes, and the old wooden floors and high ceilings give it a rustic touch. Spacious, there’s a lofted upstairs and two large rooms, all completely non-smoking. In nice weather, they have street side tables and chairs.

With a diverse burger selection, and fair prices (especially when considering quality and portion size in comparison to other restaurants), Peter’s Burger Pub is a good deal for a fun night out.

Take the yellow metro line to Křižíkova, or trams 3 or 8 and Peter’s Burger Pub is located on the corner of Thámova and Pernerova street in front of the tunnel leading from Karlin to Žižkov.

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Kocour Ležák 12° Kocour Lager
Kocour Samuraj 14° Kocour Lager
These are some of the different beers that Peter’s Burger Pub had on tap on our visit.

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