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Naše Maso

The art of butchery is having a revival in today's Prague. Czechs have always been enthusiastic consumers of meat, but today the expansion in terms of choice and quality is making not only restaurants better, but what we stock our kitchens with as well. So with a love of beer and meat, we found ourselves at Naše Maso’s, Ambiente's beer serving quality butcher shop.

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Long pioneers of the restaurant scene here in Prague, Ambiente decided to push into a realm which they’ve successfully served in their restaurants- meat. Keeping with the ‘local’ Czech feel, their butcher shop is not only a place to buy exceptional meat, but also a fast food eatery with Antoš light lager beer on tap.

Similar to Lokál, the menu changes daily, but always features párek (hot dogs), sekaná (meatloaf), tartarak (beef tartar), and even has their own homemade style, thick burgers. The deli-style ham sandwich on a fresh houska is amazing. They also sell quality Czech bread, cookies, and some other cooking ingredients.

Naše Maso’s meat comes from two specialized Czech farms. One raises a Czech breed of ‘pied’ cattle, and the other farm breeds the prestigious Přeštík pig, an exceptional Czech breed known for its tender meat. Behind the counter, you’ll see where the meat is butchered and aged.

At the time of our visit, we found the beer to not taste particularly fresh. You’ll pay considerably more here than at your average butcher shop, but this meat is not your average meat. Bistro food prices are line with Lokál’s, and the food has the same simple homemade quality that has helped make Lokál so popular. Expect a huge queue during lunch hours, and with only 2 small tables, it gets pretty packed.

Further along the passage, Naše Maso has expanded their shop, to another room that sells meat to take home. Fresh steaks of pork and beef fill a large fridge, as well as a stunning variety of authentic Czech hot dogs, fresh rendered fat, and aged steaks. While this expansion is quite welcomed for take home shoppers, one can’t help but wonder why Naše Maso didn’t expand their dining section, considering their never ended queues and cramped dining space.

Located on the end of Dlouhá close to Revoluční street, it’s certainly worth checking out for a quick bite or an ambitious cook. Trams 5, 8, 24, 26 and metro lines A (Staroměstská) and B (Náměstí Republiky) are all within walking distance.

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Antošův Ležák 12° 12° Pivovar Antoš Lager
These are some of the different beers that Naše Maso had on tap on our visit.

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