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Mozaika Burger & Co 4 Taps of Matuška and Gourmet Burgers

Mozaika has it right on two competitive fronts- they've got some of the consistently best Czech beer on tap along side gourmet burgers. In case you haven't noticed, Prague's burger scene is tough stuff, and Mozaika manages to not only make a great burger, but add something unique to this classic beef and bun combo.

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Four taps serve beers from Matuška, one of which is always the refreshing 9° light lager ‘‘devítka’, and the other varying from heavier ales like Raptor to a caramely amber lager, Námořník. Fresh and served from well kept taps, these flavorful beers are a lovely compliment to burgers.

The burger menu is unique for 2 reasons; you can have your burger served in 2 sizes, and their homemade ‘houska’ is quite a different sort of bun than what you normally experience. Square and even a little sweet, we felt it did the job of keeping the beef and toppings together, and we liked the different flavor and softer texture it added to each burger. A burger can be served in its full normal size or as a mini ‘slider’.

The beef is cooked to medium rare, tender and juicy, and includes 2 burger varieties, the Mozaika and Krystal. Our favorite was the ‘Krystal’, with crispy bacon and melting cheddar, albeit with a sloppy, but delicious homemade mayo. The Mozaika, topped with mushrooms, is also tasty. For a Czech take on a burger, the beef tongue sandwich is a pleasant change. They also have a bbq pulled pork sandwich and a hummus burger. Generously piled onto their soft bun, we felt the slices of beef tongue could have benefited from a little less juice and more crispness.

Small, but at the same offering a large variety of tastes and influences, the menu doesn’t over extend itself but still makes choosing tough. Starters vary from homemade liver pâté to Matuška pickled olomoucké tvarůžky cheese. Listed on a large black board, are weekly specials, that range from grilled salmon to ramen and curries. To help the indecisive, choosing a variety of sliders is a good option. The homemade fries are fresh cut, well salted, and simply delicious, especially with their homemade aioli.

Service is friendly and helpful. The interior is simple and modern, but not in an over the top posh way. Tables fill up quickly, so reservations are recommended. Mozaika also has a sister restaurant in Karlín that serves a menu of Czech-French fusion cuisine.

Located on Nitranská street, take metro line A to Jiřího z Poděbrad, and it’s just a minute walk from the metro.

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Matuška IPA Raptor 15° Matuška Ale
Matuška Devítka Matuška Lager
Matuška Námořník 15° Matuška Lager
Matuška Zlatá Raketa 17° Matuška Ale
These are some of the different beers that Mozaika Burger & Co had on tap on our visit.

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