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At Jama, the best of American culture meets Czech culture. Serving burgers, chicken wings, and American pub food, Jama has a decent beer selection, with 12 taps and beers mostly from K Brewery Trade. Ideally, they change 6 taps monthly, but we’ve noticed that their selection doesn’t change or vary that frequently. 

Service is unpredictable; if you’re lucky, it’s friendly and quick, and if you’re unlucky, your server will be surly, you’ll be left thirsty. The food is good, and comes in large portions.They have a no smoking room, a large outdoor terrace, a sports room, and a large pub area. If you’re a sports fan, they show all the major games. And attention American football fans- here you can watch American football every Monday night, and colleague football on Saturdays.

Frequented by a diverse crowd- Czechs, tourists, expats, and of all ages, Jama has a long tradition in serving some of the best American cuisine in Prague, and finally, decent beer. Consider making reservations, as this place fills up quickly. Located on U Jame just off of the busy street Vodickova, Jama is in the very center of Prague.

Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Cerna Hora Granát 12° Černá Hora Lager
Klášter Světlý Ležák 11° Klášter Lager
Lobkowicz Démon 12° Lobkowicz Lager
Janáček Comenius 14° Janáček Lager
Cerna Hora Kvasar 14° Černá Hora Lager
Rychtář Natur 12° Rychtář Lager
Lobkowicz Premium 12° Lobkowicz Lager
These are some of the different beers that Jama had on tap on our visit.

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