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With Uneticky 10° and 12°, some of the best traditional Czech Lager on tap, Vzorkovna is currently the most unique, alternative club in Prague.

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Under the dim lights of candles, this fantastically miss-matched, do-it-yourself style club can spontaneously turn into a poetry reading or jazz concert. Ideas are at the heart of Vzorkovna; this is a space created for the artistic and musical to show their talents. Opened in November of 2011, Vzorkovna has already built itself the reputation of being Prague’s most alternative drinking space with fine beer.

Decorated with old chairs, a few sofas, a wood-burning stove, and two pianos plus stereo equipment, the main room of this pub has furniture which is easily movable, adapting to the current crowd. With dimly lit corners, darkly painted hallways, the brightest spot you’ll see is the fussball table. Taking up most of the space in the back room is a large coffee table, surrounded by couches, which are best reachable from a wooden plank.

Vzorkovna is a space for anyone; the crowd varies on any given night, and if you’re lucky, you can hear some truly talented musicians.
Affordably priced, they proudly serve Czech products, including sodas, cheeses, and sausages. Vzorkovna is a unique space in its rebellion against the normal pub, while still maintaining a Czech feeling at heart. Located on the corner of Bartolomějská and Průchodní by Národní třída, don’t be intimidated by the dark atmosphere- everyone is welcome, and be ready for anything.

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Únětické Pivo 10° 10° Únětický pivovar Lager
Únětické Pivo 12° 12° Únětický pivovar Lager
These are some of the different beers that Vzorkovna had on tap on our visit.

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