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V Melantrichu

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V Melantrich, located right on Václavské Náměstí, is a traditional Czech beer hall which serves a variety of Czech lagers, including their house beer, Melantrich nefiltrovaný svetly ležák, an unfiltered 12° lager, which is brewed by Permon. According to their website, they should have 9 beers on tap: Lobkowicz Premium, Princ Max X 10° lager, Démon polotmavy (amber) lager, Černa Hora Granát lager, Pilsner Urquell, Lobkowicz non-alcoholic, Únětické unfiltered 10°, and Permon unfiltered 10° lager. At the time of our visit, they had already sold out of a few varieties. Their home-brew, Melantrich 12°, is a quite decent lager, and one of the most interesting beers on the menu.

Decorated with a medieval motif, the interior is spacious and new, and they offer both smoking and non-smoking. They have a large menu of traditional Czech food, such as goulash, svíčková (beef in a cream sauce), roasted pork knee, but at expensive prices. Service is friendly and quick. In the summers they have a garden, and they’re able to host events upon request. Most of the customers seem to be tourists.

V Melantrich serves only lagers, with your biggest choice being between a 10° or 12° lager, and light or dark lager. While the beers here are quite decently priced considering the location, the food is completely over-priced. Regardless, this is a convenient spot to try a few lagers in the center of Prague. By metro, take lines A or B to Můstek, the C line to Muzeum, or trams 9, 24, 14, 3, to Václavské Náměstí.

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Melantrich Nefiltrovaný Světlý Ležák 12° Permon Lager
Lobkowicz Démon 12° Lobkowicz Lager
Cerna Hora Granát 12° Černá Hora Lager
Pilsner Urquell 12° Pilsner Urquell Lager
Únětické Pivo 10° 10° Únětický pivovar Lager
Permon Nefiltrovaný Světlý Ležák 11° Permon Lager
Lobkowicz Premium 12° Lobkowicz Lager
Lobkowicz Premium Nealko Lobkowicz Lager
Princ Max X 10° Vysoký Chlumec Lager
These are some of the different beers that V Melantrichu had on tap on our visit.

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