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Pivnice Nad Šárkou

Any one who passes by Divoká Šárka might have noticed Nad Šárkou. Adorned with way too many beer signs, mostly advertising a variety of beers from the Lobkowicz brewery, this corner pub actually serves beer from one of Prague's newest microbreweries, Libocký Pivovar.

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Opening in 2013, there isn’t that much info out there about Libocký Pivovar, and so far, you don’t encounter their beers anywhere else except Nad Šárkou. They brew a variety of beers including an 11° light lager Šárka, a 13° dark lager Černy Pátek, a 12° amber (polotmavy) Citrad, and sometimes a wheat beer.

At the time of our visit, they had 4 Libocký beers on tap plus Vévoda 11° and Lobkowicz non-alcoholic. Of these, the 11° light lager was best; it’s a refreshing, thirst quenching light lager designed with typical Czech fashion- a malty body and bitter Saaz bite. The amber lager, most likely due to contaminated pipes, tasted horrifically sour and like rotten veggies. Perhaps it was a bad day, but we won’t be trying that one again. The wheat beer had a fresh banana aroma. Overall, the light lager Šárka and wheat beer are fine and do the job nicely, but still fall short of something memorable.

The menu has some more upscale choices for a pub, like a greek salad, grilled pork tenderloin, and baked pike, plus the usual pub grub like schnitzel, ribs and fried cheese. The food is fine when considering that this is a pub and you’re expectations have limits.

Newly renovated, the interior is quite spacious and divided into one room for smokers (which includes the bar) and the larger room is smoke free. A small outdoor drinking area exists next to the road, comprised of about 5 large wooden tables on a gravel floor. At the time of this review, it seemed that their garden area could be undergoing some reconstruction in the near future. Service was friendly.

The crowd here includes a mix of frequent locals and thirsty passers-by coming from Divoká Šárka. A convenient option if you’re in the neighborhood.  At the end of tram 22, you can’t miss Nad Šárkou across from the McDonalds.

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Šárka 11° 11° Libocký Pivovar Lager
Ctirad 12° 12° Libocký Pivovar Lager
Šebestián 13° 13° Libocký Pivovar Wheat Beer
Baštýř 12° 12° Libocký Pivovar Lager
Vevoda Světlý Ležák 11° Vysoký Chlumec Lager
These are some of the different beers that Pivnice Nad Šárkou had on tap on our visit.

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