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Krkonošska Hospůdka Tasting the Best of Krkonoše Mountain Culture in Prague

Capturing the atmosphere of the Krkonoše mountains, Krkonošska Hospůdka is a brilliant taste of Czech mountain culture among the busy streets of Prague 6.

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Specializing in all things from the Krkonoše mountains, Krkonošska Hospůdka’s 4 taps pour beer brewed in the Czech Republic’s northern ‘Giant’ mountains. Two taps are dedicated to the house beers of Hendrych 11° (which is an outstanding lager) and Krakonoš 12°. The other two taps rotate, serving a solid selection of regional breweries like Albrecht, specially brewed beers from Krakonoš and Hendrych, and the occasional beer from outside the Krkonoše mountains.

A simple menu of Czech pub snacks serves meats and deli products from a renowned local butcher from Trutnov, Kazda Upice U Trutnova, plus classics like pickled hermelín and romadur cheeses. Simple, but focused on quality, these pub snacks are befitting the best Czech craft beer. Prices here are kept in line with the aim that everyone should be able afford a few good beers and snacks- you won’t find a beer over 49 czk

Opening in 2012 in Vrchlabí, Hendrych brewery is one of our new favorites on the Czech beer scene. Hendrych consistently brews quality beers, plus their ales are well done. Properly hopped, their ale’s finish isn’t the muddy, overly yeasty end that we experience here quite often, but more crisp and with a good hoppy bite.

Krkonošska Hospůdka, fitted out like a mountain cabin, has a cozy, pleasant, wooden interior that’s also non-smoking. Tables fill up quickly, as this is a popular pub for people of all ages, locals and tourists alike. The staff is extremely friendly and the owner has an honest, solid ambition to give his guests an authentic and affordable taste of his beloved region. Luckily for us, this July Krkonošska Hospůdka will celebrate 3 years of serving a taste of Krkonoše mountain culture in Prague.

Krkonošska Hospůdka is located on Muchova street, a minute walk from Hradčanská metro station, and is open Monday-Friday, 15-22.30.

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Hendrych Pale Lager 11° 11° Hendrych Lager
Krakonoš Pale Lager 12° 12° Pivovar Krakonoš Lager
Podřipský Ale 14° Podřipský Minipivovar Ale
Albrecht Pale Lager 12° 12° Albrecht Lager
These are some of the different beers that Krkonošska Hospůdka had on tap on our visit.

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