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Divoké Matky A Play Space for Kids with what Parents Need- Únětické Beer on Tap

As any parent knows, beer, second to coffee, is a must for survival. In most countries there is a firm line between kids and beer. But in the Czech Republic, beer, pubs, breweries, and beer festivals are almost always places where every human being regardless of size can feel welcome.

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Many readers probably aren’t aware, but behind are two parents with a one year old. So, when we heard about a kid friendly cafe with Únětické on tap, we packed our stroller and hit the road.

A spacious place with a shockingly diverse crowd, Divoké Matky actually had, at the time of our visit, a large proportion of guests who were not parents, but young professionals sipping good coffee working on their lap tops. There are 4 rooms, the back two housing space and toys for the kiddies, and the two other being more of your standard minimalist/mismatched style cafe.

Most importantly, they have fresh and thirst quenching Únětické 12° on tap. And they have another essential ingredient of parenting, good coffee from Coffee Source. The menu is pretty simple- quiche, a soup of the day, and very good desserts. Of course you’re welcome to bring any foods your child needs.

As for the play rooms, the back room has a few little bikes, a rocking moose, books, and some other toys for toddlers, plus huge pillows for jumping and horsing around on. In the second room, they have a little house complete with a kitchen and tool work station. Uniquely, there’s a super cool three story wooden climbing structure.

The bathrooms are equipped with changing tables. In the summers, Divoké Matky spills into a side walk cafe full of strollers, kids, dogs, and young people enjoying the nice weather. Even though this is a children friendly cafe, you don’t have to have a child to enjoy everything they have to offer.

Divoké Matky is located in the super hip district of Karlín, surrounded by some of the city’s newest and best eateries and cafes. The closest tram stop is Urxova where trams 3, 8, and 24 run.

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Únětické Pivo 12° 12° Únětický pivovar Lager
These are some of the different beers that Divoké Matky had on tap on our visit.

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