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Bejzment Burger Bar

An authentic taste of Americana, Bejzment's burgers fit the ideal of this iconic beef-between-a-bun that has become all the rage in Prague’s restaurants and pubs.

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A participant in the insanely popular Burgerfest, Bejzment won 2013‘s ‘Best Restaurant’ and ‘Special Burger‘ award. With beer from Moucha, a newcomer to the Prague microbrewery scene on tap, a visit to this Anděl pub is worth it for anyone who appreciates the time-tested combination of a fine burger and beer.

The most important ingredient to the recipe of creating a good burger joint is the burger, and Bejzment’s burger is the real deal. Undoubtably 100% high quality beef, the burger is juicy and normally comes a nice pink. With a char grilled taste, this is the extra ingredient that sets Bejzment’s burgers apart from others.

Serving a wide variety of pub food in addition to a very unique and adventurous burger menu, you can try chicken wings, pulled pork sandwiches, onion rings, along with a few twists on the classic burger. If you’re really feeling like a challenge, they have a ‘Big Zee Heart Attack ‘, which is a 1 kg. beef burger, that you have one hour to devour if you don’t want to pay 599 czk.

Moucha’s beer is decent, and their light lager is by far their best. The 11° light lager is fresh and perfectly drinkable on a larger scale, but the amber lager has an over-powering sweetness and lacks depth. One tap rotates a special beer, which at the time of our visit was a 14° lager, that we found again to be on the sweeter side of things and not a beer for the long haul, but enjoyable for one glass. Not the best beer to pair with a burger.

Bejzment’s interior gives you the distinct feeling of being in some sort of shack, deep in the heart of the USA, which does have its charms. From the cans of Bud Light, to the license plates, and other trashy tidbits of Americana, it’s hard to imagine how all of this crap got to Prague. The shoddy furniture, creaky wooden floor all add to this very ‘down-home’ and rustic sort of feeling, making Bejzment unique from the other Prague burger joints. The service is certainly American style; always smiling, the waitresses are sometimes forgetful and inattentive. At the time of our visit, the fryer oil badly needed changed, and we left smelling like an extra crispy french fry.

A unique burger pub, Bejzment makes a fine, authentic burger. An experience worthy of your belly, time, and wallet. Reservations are highly suggested. Located on Zborovská street around the corner from the metro station Anděl, Bejzment is also reachable trams 4, 7, 10, 16, and 14.

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Moucha Mušák Moucha Pale Lager
Moucha Moniak Moucha Pale Lager
Moucha Černý Panter Moucha Amber Lager
These are some of the different beers that Bejzment Burger Bar had on tap on our visit.

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