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If you’ve spent the last week in Prague, you may well be noting that Spring seems to have sprung suspiciously early. Flowers are bravely emerging from barely frozen ground, and nobody could blame you for thinking you might be enjoying a beer in the sunshine any day now.

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For that very reason we strongly suspect a blizzard, probably tomorrow, but one thing’s for sure; come sleet, snow, hail, or sun (cross your fingers) there’ll be excellent beers and settings to drink them in.

Whether you’re looking for a formal dance, or a night of heavy metal and pickles, as always we’ve got you covered.


Tour of Pivovar Bubeneč

For anyone looking to get to know Prague’s less frequented beer spots this tour is a must. It will include a talk on the brewery’s functioning, lots of information about the beers on offer, and a friendly environment to taste and enjoy. Tickets can be bought beforehand online.

February 1st, 5:30pm

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Belgian Week at T-Anker

The first in a series of geographically themed tasting weeks at T-Anker will feature 5 tasty Belgian beers on tap. These, alongside a far wider selection of bottled beers, will accompany a special tasting menu available only on Thursday the 1st. Reservations are recommended.

February 1st-4th

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Blind Craft Beer Tasting Challenge

Think you know your APAs from your IPAs, your stouts from your porters? Why not join our very own blind beer challenge and put those taste buds to the test. Hosted every Friday at Ale Bar! In Prague 5, we’ll be sampling whatever’s fresh on their taps that week.

Fridays at 5pm

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The NUBEERBAR in Vinohrady will be enthusiastically celebrating its first birthday, so enthusiastically in fact that the party’s going to last three days. Head over on the 1st, 2nd, or third, to enjoy 22 beers on tap, special discounts and food menus, and a guaranteed festive atmosphere.

February 1st-3rd, 4pm onwards

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České Budějovice International Beer Festival

While this event is above all a contest (both beers and ciders will be considered), rather unsurprisingly, tickets will be available to the public to come and join the fun. Though precise details of the program are somewhat sparse, each day includes its own line-up of live music, and you can bet there’ll be plenty of excellent beer available to taste.

February 14th-17th

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Chotěboř Pivovarsky Ples

If you didn’t already know, the month of February across the Czech republic is Ples season! Not to be confused with pleš (a bald spot), this word describes a formal (or not so formal) ball. If you’ve never attended one it’s a cultural must, be prepared to dress in your finest gear, dust off your dancing shoes, enjoy some beer, and then quite probably fall over.

February 24th, 8pm

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The Malá Strana Beer Tasting Tour

Nobody can deny the beauty of Prague’s old town, but the well-trodden path through Malá Strana can sometimes feel a little hard to avoid. Why not join one of our small scale tours, and discover this historical neighbourhood via some of its hoppiest residents.

Saturdays at 3:30

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Valentines Beer Massacre

A highly tempting prospect for anyone who’s not so into hearts and cupids this time of year, Pivovar Kocour are promising an alternate day of strong beer, pickles, and rock music. With live music all day and a lightest beer of 14°, this looks set to be a wild one.

February 17th, 10am - midnight

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