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Bernard Beer Spa in Prague Relax in a bubbling tub of Bernard’s acclaimed beer

Beer spa treatments are a Czech speciality, leaving your skin soft and smooth, while refreshing your mind and quenching your thirst. Brewing quality Czech beer since 1991, Bernard is a family owned brewery known for their unpasteurized and uniquely bitter lagers.

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Beer Spa

Used for centuries as a way to relax and as a curative experience, the history of beer spas in the Czech Republic is synonymous with the rich tradition of Czech lager. Bernard’s beer spa uses the same quality ingredients that have made their lager famous: fresh Saaz hops, clean malt, and yeast are added to a bath, nourishing the skin.

Located in the basement of Hotel Metamorphis, Bernard’s beer spa is in the heart of Prague’s historic Old Town. Every spa experience is private; the entire room is just for you or your group. One tub can fit two people, and it’s also possible to order an individual tub.

How it Works

We arrived at the check-in desk and then followed the signs downstairs to the beer spa reception, where a pleasant lady was waiting for us. Bernard’s beer spa fills up quickly, and we made our reservations about a month in advance.

After we checked in, we were shown to a changing room equipped with showers and lockers for our belongings. The spa assistant instructed us that we should undress, put our things in the lockers, and wrap ourselves in the white sheets. We then went to the room next door, where our beer bath was waiting for us.

First our spa assistant explained that in each bath they had put not only beer, but beer extract and mash, which is a mixture of malt, hops, and yeast from the early stages of brewing. These ingredients, plus beer and hot water, equal a nutritious spa experience for the skin. 

Once we hopped into a pleasantly warm bath of beer, the bubbles kicked into action, creating a relaxing, warm bubble bath of beer. Each beer bath has its own unlimited tap of Bernard’s 10° light lager, so we promptly filled up two mugs, and relaxed.

After 30 minutes, the bubbles stop, signaling the end of the spa. Naturally, we filled our mugs up again, wrapped ourselves into our sheets, and headed for the relax room, where we climbed into heated beds and sipped our beer- a perfect way to unwind and let the skin continue to absorb all the nutrients from the beer.

Dozing in and out of warm beer daze, 30 minutes quickly went by, and we were escorted back to our changing room. It isn’t recommended to shower for at least 12 hours after a beer bath. The dark, dusty green of hops do cling to your back, but they can easily be dusted off.

Overall, we found that our skin did feel smoother and our minds refreshed. We didn’t stink of beer, and a vigorous dust off was sufficient to rid ourselves of the dried hops and malt. A new way to enjoy your favorite beverage on more sensory levels.


During a privatization auction in 1991, Stanislav Bernard, Josef Vávra and Rudolf Šmejkal bought a defunct brewery in Humpolec, which had roots going all the way back to 1597. They then started brewing traditional Czech lager made of clean, quality ingredients. Their beer was all unpasteurized, and possessed a uniquely full bitterness. Today, Bernard has expanded the range of its beers to include a Bohemian ale and Celebration lager, and along with one of the best dark beers around. 

In 2001, Bernard entered into a strategic partnership with Duvel Moortgat of Belgium. Surpassing its previous records, Bernard produced 231,600 hectoliters of beer in the year 2013.


Bernard Beer Spa is located at Hotel Metamorphis, which is just behind Týn Church, on Staroměstské Náměstí. Walk through the Týn courtyard and Hotel Metamorphis is towards the right, at Týn 10.

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Bernard Světlý 10° 10° Bernard Lager
These are some of the different beers that Bernard Beer Spa in Prague had on tap on our visit.

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