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Riegrovy Sady Beer Garden

Riegrovy Sady Beer Garden is Prague’s most popular outdoor place for drinking beer and watching sports. On any given day with nice weather, Riegrovy Sady’s Beer Garden is packed with thirsty drinkers of all shapes and sizes; Czech, tourist, and expat alike. With a large projector screen, 3 different kinds of beer on tap, cocktails, wine, grilled food, and enough space for over 1000 visitors, it’s hard to not be happy here.

On hot summer nights or for popular sport events, this place fills up quickly. There are 3 small huts serving each a different kind of beer: #1 has on tap Gambrinus 10°, and malinovka (a non-alcoholic raspberry soda), #2 serves Kozel 11°, and #4 serves Pilsner Urquell. Beer drinkers have the unusual luxury of drinking from a normal beer glass, instead of a plastic cup. For hungry visitors, they have grilled chicken breast and pork neck, nakladny hermelin (pickled cheese) and of course the usual grilled klobasa. Beers are affordably priced, and unfortunately the line for a beer or food becomes frustratingly long, but it’s worth the wait.

There are a number of other interesting things to do in Riegrovy Sady as well. Sunbathing and doing some sport are all common activities for those looking for some greenery. Besides the great view of Prague Castle, there are 3 other restaurants, and a playground. Across from the main entrance to the beer garden is a small restaurant, Park Cafe, run by the same folks, and with more diverse menu.

Centrally located within the charming neighborhood of Vinohrady, Riegrovy Sady’s Beer Garden can be reached by any transport that connects to Náměstí Míru or Jiřího z Poděbrad, which are both a short walk away. Bus 135 stops at Na Smetance, which is very close to the main entrance of the park, and tram 11 stops at Italská, which is also close. Riegrovy Sady’s Beer Garden is opened from April to October.

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Address: Riegrovy sady

Neighborhood: Vinohrady

City: Prague

Phone: +420 222 717 247


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Prague Pub Map


onthetoilet   24 July 2012 02:59 PM

Last summer 2 friends and I got food poisoning at riegrovy sady beer garden. We thought it was just a freak occurrence, until my wife and I went there last night and got food poisoning again.

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