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Galerie Piva Krymska's Local Craft Beer Shop


On the lower part of Krymská, deeper into Vrsovice, you’ll find Galerie Piva, a one room shop and pub which focuses on Czech craft beer.

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Catering to the local crowd which is a mix of thirsty and curious neighborhood residents plus expats, Galerie Piva prides itself on getting the newest and best Czech craft beers on their shelves. 8 fridges are stocked with bottles from Clock, Raven, Chroust, Matuška, Únětice, Albrecht, and Permon, plus much more.

Newcomers to the Czech beer scene and lesser known regional microbreweries also get some shelf space, and are sometimes featured on one of the rotating taps. With no prejudice towards any style, it’s a good mix of lagers, ales, and what’s being brewed by the leading Czech craft brewers. However their selection of international craft beers is, if existent, very small.

For those in need of some inspiration while shopping or just a quick pint, they’ve got 3 taps rotating Czech microbrews. Styles vary, but they try to get their hands on the best Czech kegs. They very often have 1 lager on tap, while the other 2 are ales or more something more unique.

Owned and operated by hard core beer nerds, the owners and staff know their stuff. Ask Pavel or Eric about any bottle, and they’ve got solid knowledge to share. For tips and recommendations, they’ll honestly point you in the right direction, regardless of what’s trendy and new.

Galerie Piva has a dedicated clientele base of pleasant locals, who vary in age and gender. This one room shop can transform from a boisterous pub to kinder-cafe with cheery parents to a more of dog park in the blink of an eye. This is something that we adore about Galerie Piva; it’s a great example of how beer is a uniting force amongst different generations.

The interior is pretty basic and very shop like, with two tables and crate chairs, which suffice for a quick pint or two. Prices are fair and even slightly cheaper than other beer shops. Thursday and Friday are the best days to shop, as the shelves have just been freshly stocked.

Take trams 22, 13, or 4 to the tram stops Ruská (the closest) or Krymská.

[Updated review - originally published on 03.12.2013]


Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Multi-tap bar/Rotating taps N/A N/A N/A
These are some of the different beers that Galerie Piva had on tap on our visit.

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