Zubaty Pes One Year Anniversary Party

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On Thursday May 10, Zubaty Pes will be celebrating one year of operation in Prague. And what a year has it been! After being voted the 2nd best pub in Prague by Hospodářské Noviny, and our favorite new pub of 2011, Zubaty Pes has given beer drinkers of Prague many new and much needed chances to try a wide variety of Czech beers, as well as foreign beers of different styles.

The party starts at 17, and on tap will be Matuska’s Zlata Raketa and Raptor, as well as Kocour’s Sumeček. From foreign breweries, BrewDog and Mikkeller will also be on tap. There will be a Belgian beer tasting, a beer raffle, and each visitor gets a free beer. Cheers!

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