Drinking, drinking, drinking on the river……. A Visit to Prague’s Version of a Beach Party

After a long hard winter, the sun has finally decided to come back out to play and what better way to welcome back our good friend than with a tasty beer along the river.  From “botels” to BYOB, the riverfront area of Naplavka near the Dancing House offers something to make everyone happy and on a nice day, you will find kids, dogs, professionals and students alike all soaking up the sun (and beer!).  From the Dancing House, walk south along the river - away from the Prague castle - and you can’t miss it.

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If you time your visit right, you even have the chance to explore the farmer’s market or visit one of the many festivals taking place.    Food choices abound for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. Sausages, quinoa burgers, and pasta are all on offer and you can imbibe on everything from cannabis cider to coffee (and beer, of course!) . There are even microbrewery vendors, including Pivovar V Rakovniku, where you can buy different types of bottled beers to enjoy at home or while sitting along the river.   The market clears up around 2:30 pm so if you are hungry, make sure to grab food before then.

Bajkazyl Naplavka Prague

Bajkazyl (pronounced bicycle) is a great little bike shop / makeshift bar.   Herold 10° is on tap, which is a run of the mill lager, but at only 32 korun for a velky pivo (large beer) and a spot right along the river, it is a perfect combination for a long session of drinking beer in the sun.   There are tables made out of old doors and sawhorses which make it feel like they are either trying a little too hard to be cool or just raided an abandoned house and used whatever they could find.   It all feels a little borderline hipster-ish.  However, seats are plentiful and I even managed to snag one at 2:45 pm on a bright, warm Saturday afternoon. Beware that the doors themselves prove to be dangerous when you absentmindedly put your beer down in the wrong spot.   Hold on tight and you are in for a great time.

Lodeteria Naplavka Prague

Lodeteria is one of your “traditional” party boats with blaring music and lots and lots of tables.  They offer the usual suspects on tap including Gambrinus and Pilsner Urquell.  Decent food options are on offer with grilled hermelin, sausages and chicken and umbrellas provide some much needed shade on a hot day.  Best of all, there are free toilets onboard (no porta-potties!) but come prepared, on my visit there was a severe lack of toilet paper.

Lodeteria Naplavka Prague

If you keep heading down the river another hundred meters, you will reach the Kayak Beach Bar.   Offering a beach volleyball court and kayak rentals, this is the perfect place for someone wanting to get a good workout in before taking a break with the Czech Republic’s favorite beverage.  Bernard, light and dark, is on offer along with Corona in case you want to take the opportunity to pretend you are on a beach in Cancun.   There are tables outside and on the roof and there are comfy seats inside which is perfect when the sun goes down and it starts to get a little chilly.  The interior - made up nearly entirely of wooden particle board -  offers floor to ceiling windows so you can still enjoy a view of the river.  Don’t let the rustic vibe fool you - this is one of the few bars that offers free wifi.  The bar is open from 4 - 11 pm Sunday - Friday and from 1 - 11 on Saturday.

So now that you have the perfect bar line-up, grab some friends and make sure to take advantage of the next sunny day.

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