Beer Events - May Upcoming Beer Events & Festivals in the Czech Republic for May 2017

May is here, and with it our list of some of the best beer tastings, events, and festivals, both in Prague and further afield. The incessant rain as we put this summary together made us somewhat hesitant to include quite so many outdoor activities, but the sun has to come out eventually. And if it doesn’t, there’s nothing wrong with beer in a Marquee.

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This month is going to be packed full of breweries hosting large, yearly celebrations, as well as significant beer themed festivals (including one stretching over a whopping 16 days!). We’ve also included a few smaller, more quirky happenings, for those of you who prefer your beer a little low key.

Whatever beer adventures your May might hold, make sure you set out in the true style of European spring, sunglasses at the ready, and an umbrella in your bag.


První Pivní Máj

Hosted by the Břevnov Monastery, this event is a must if you don’t know what you’re doing with your holiday Monday. Around 80 beers from over 15 microbreweries will be available, including the wares of the monastery itself, and if you’re feeling bold you can enter one of several drinking contests. As if that weren’t enough, there will be a selection of Moravian wines, live guitar, food, and kids activities. Entry is free.

1st May, Noon-10pm

Markétská, Praha 6

Tiny Rebel Beer Tasting

While not taking place in Prague, this tasting promises something a little different. The tasting will focus on a selection of beers from the Welsh Microbrewery, Tiny Rebel. Featured beers will include familiar APAs and IPAs, alongside the rather more unusual offerings of a cherry sour and a marshmallow porter. Reservations are required and can be made via the facebook event.

1st May, 7:30-10pm

JBM Brew Lab Pub, Grohova 113/17, 602 00 Brno

Pivárna U Klauna Test Run

Rather than a grand opening, this event is rather modestly calling itself a dress rehearsal - aiming to iron out any possible kinks before opening for business. U Klauna promises a selection of craft beers, small bites, and good music.

May 2nd, 3pm-Midnight

Pivárna U Klauna, Pod Harfou 68, 19000 Prague, Czech Republic


If you didn’t already know, chmely is hops in Czech, and what hops they are! Chmelfest is a traditional spring festival put on by the Žatec Brewery, a little over an hour out of Prague. Festivities will include a parade, tasting and tours at the Žatec Brewery, and a program for kids.

May 6th, Noon-9pm

Žatecký pivovar, Žižkovo nám. 81, 438 01 Žatec

Czech Beer Festival

This 17 day event is set to kick off the summer for locals and tourists alike. Just 100kc gets you entry to their indoor/outdoor tent venue for the event’s entirety, which includes daily DJ sets, traditional Czech food, and a beer selection from over 30 breweries. Entry is free for children under 16, and Prague 7 residents!

11.5-27.5, Midday-Midnight

Letenská pláň

6 Years of Únětice

If you haven’t been to Únětické Pivovar, now is the time. Easily accessible via Prague public transport, this brewery even offers its own currency to keep your beer safe from inflation. They’ll be celebrating 6 years since they reopened for business with a day of food, live music, and of course beer.

May 13th, 1pm

Pivovar Únětice, Rýznerova 19/5, 252 62 Únětice

Pivo and Burger Festival

Now in its second year, this festival promises a fine selection of top fermented beers (think IPAs, ales, and stouts, rather than your typical Czech lager) and burgers from the best of Karlin’s culinary offerings. Entry is free and live music ranging from blues to punk will be playing throughout.

21st May, 11am-8pm

Karlínské náměstí, 18600 Prague, Czech Republic

8 let s Matuškou

Celebrating 8 years of the fantastic Pivovar Matuška, this event hosted at Krystal Bistro will feature at least 10 taps of their excellent beers. Matuška is truly a family outfit, and a real success story for Czech microbrewing, we strongly recommend sampling their wares and drinking to their accomplishments.

20th May, Noon-10pm

Krystal Bistro, Sokolovská 101/99, 186 00 Praha 8-Karlín

Den P

Den plný piva (or day full of beer) is another out of Prague event, but one surely worth a mention. Primator Brewery will be opening their grounds for a day of music, contests, fun, food, and of course, beer. Entry costs 50kc after which any and every beer on offer costs only 15kc, with all proceeds going to a hospice charity. With great beer, great prices, and a great cause, we recommend you rely on one of the frequent buses or trains to get you home from Nachod.

20th May, 1pm-Midnight

Pivovar Primator, Dobrošovská 130, 547 01 Náchod

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